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.  I was raised in Hamilton Ontario, married with two children and worked for several years in the automotive industry in an administrative capacity.  Although never in car sales, I always enjoyed the interaction with the other employees and customers.  At the prompting of my real estate agent and when my children reached their teens, I decided to branch out and take the educational courses from OREA to obtain my real estate license.

   In 1983, I quit my job, became a licenced real estate sales person in Ontario, signed up with a major corporate real estate company to sell real estate in the Hamilton Wentworth/Burlington areas of Ontario and paid dues to join the local real estate board, OREA and CREA.  At that time, you took three phases of courses and you were able to sell all types of real estate – residential, farms, commercial, industrial, etc.  You would only take the other courses for personal interest, to become a branch manager or to obtain your broker’s designation.  Although not required, I took mortgage financing, property management, real estate law and ICI (industrial, investment and commercial) courses so that I would be well versed in all areas of real estate.
   I preferred working with residential home buyers and sellers, helping them find the right house or listing their homes to achieve the best price from the market always negotiating in their best interests.  I loved the excitement of helping them reach their real estate goals and had many repeat and referral clients.  In 2004, a former real estate agent and good friend retook all of the real estate licensing courses (very costly and time-consuming) and came back into the industry after taking several years to raise her family.  We decided to form a full partnership which would allow her time for her family and provide me some time away with my husband.
   In 2007 my husband retired and started spending a lot of time at our northern property that we were building. We were apart a lot during that year, so I had to review my options.  We wanted to do some travelling and eventually make a permanent move.  After much soul searching, I also decided to retire from active selling but didn’t know if retirement would suit me.  Plus there were past clients and family members who wanted me to refer an agent.  I wanted to keep my real estate licence active or park my real estate license so I could get paid referral commission and if I decided retirement wasn’t for me I could rejoin a board without having to take all of the pre-licencing courses again.  But, because I wasn’t actively working, I didn’t want to pay all of the fees.
Virtual office to park your license and hold it active. Warehouse your license  to earn referral commission   I decided the best option for this agent was to park my license.  If my real estate license was active, I could be paid referrals from my client list as there is no other way to be paid for building a real estate business.  I decided to get my broker’s license and open my own company, a virtual office for Ontario real estate registrants who found themselves in a similar situation. 
Carol A Stinson, Brokerage is a virtual office and does not provide consumer real estate services to buyers and sellers, but provides a low cost alternative to maintaining a real estate licence and meets RECO’s criteria for referral income.  Contact Carol to find out details.


"Parking" your license means you are registered with a non-board brokerage and your real estate license remains active with RECO.

The terms warehouse your license, park your license, maintain your license, shelve or hold your licence are terms that are interchangeable. 


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